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Regulatory Policy and Strategy

As states assert their energy policy preferences in new ways, there is contested ground at the formerly “bright line” of federal/state jurisdiction. Although policies are being shaped, potential outcomes remain uncertain.

Energy and environmental policy and spending is shifting. While rapid action had been expected early on, some actions are proving to take more time than initially expected. Initiatives such as infrastructure spending are dependent on congressional actions and, therefore, must be balanced with other legislative priorities, including tax reform and health care. And, potential federal policy changes to support nuclear and fossil generation will continue to tangle with economic realities such as continued low natural gas prices, and state-level policy activity. Staffing of political appointees and policymaking positions has proven to be yet another barrier to the rapid action initially anticipated by some industry observers.

Potential policy changes vary by sector, as do their potential effects. At ScottMadden, we can assist you with rate design and regulatory policy services, including reclassification of customer rates, demand rates, weather normalization, prudence reviews, and consolidated tax adjustments.

ScottMadden can help you be positioned for ongoing transformation.



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