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Corporate Sustainability

Linking sustainability strategy to broader business objectives can improve long-term outcomes for organizations and their key stakeholders. As a result, sustainability is becoming a critical part of the organizational strategy across all types of industries.

ScottMadden assists clients with identifying strategies that provide a competitive advantage while improving sustainability objectives and ensuring the seamless integration of sustainability into overall organizational strategy and business planning. We help our clients identify and implement various sustainability strategies related to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues to inform decision making and meet corporate goals and stakeholder expectations related to sustainability.

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Corporate Sustainability Services

ESG and Corporate Responsibility Reporting

  • As investors and other stakeholders place increasing emphasis on ESG metrics, organizations of all sizes are expected to disclose and manage their ESG-related risks. We have experience with SASB, GRI, and EEI reporting, and we can help you tell your sustainability story to investors, customers, and other key stakeholders.

Materiality Assessments and Stakeholder Engagement

  • To ensure that corporate strategy includes and meets the needs of stakeholders, organizations often leverage materiality assessments to help them engage with key stakeholders and inform their sustainability focus areas, goals, and initiatives. ScottMadden can help your organization engage internal and external stakeholders through surveys and interviews to identify material ESG issues, whether you are at the beginning of or years into your sustainability journey.

Carbon Accounting and Neutrality

  • Organizations that proactively reduce or mitigate their carbon emissions may be better prepared for the changing business landscape. At ScottMadden, we understand carbon markets, carbon reporting, and issues associated with climate adaptation. We can help you understand your full emissions profile, carbon-related business risks, and mitigation strategies.

Utility and Organizational Renewables Strategy

  • As demand for renewable energy and corporate-driven power purchase agreements (PPAs) increases, ScottMadden is well-poised to utilize our deep energy industry knowledge, and we can help you develop your renewables procurement strategy to meet decarbonization goals.

Integrated Resource Planning and Decarbonization Strategy

  • As utilities look to meet their decarbonization goals, determining how to incorporate decarbonization strategies (e.g., energy efficiency programs, renewables, battery storage, and other new technologies) into long-range planning will be key to meeting clean energy goals. ScottMadden has vast experience assisting utility clients of all sizes, and we can help your organization evaluate the strategic implications of portfolio changes, including financial and rate analysis.


  • Our clients report against multiple ESG-reporting frameworks and often find that sustainability benchmarking is difficult due to the lack of standardization in the industry. Our benchmarking methods can help your organization assess performance, identify gaps, and target high-potential areas to improve overall ESG performance.



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