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The objectives and applications of benchmarking have evolved over time, but it continues to be a valuable tool for seeking to achieve and sustain top performance. Benchmarking is frequently used to aid strategic and business planning, as part of an ongoing performance management program, to support significant initiatives like merger synergy analysis and integration planning, lay the groundwork for significant improvements, and more.

ScottMadden maintains a database of corporate and shared services functional benchmarks and leading practices that include a mix of primary and secondary sources. Our practical expertise makes us uniquely qualified to benchmark your corporate and shared services functions. We assess process effectiveness, costs, staffing, and quality and benchmark against industry leaders to prioritize improvement opportunities for your corporate function or shared services operations.

Our recommendations identify opportunities to improve strategic direction, organizational design, staffing, processes, and technologies, to reduce costs, and improve quality, as well as baseline operations for continued improvement.


Corporate & Shared Services

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